Why Japan's Geography Sucks | map japan | อัพเดทข้อมูลการเดินทางใหม่วันนี้

Why Japan's Geography Sucks | map japan.

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Why Japan's Geography Sucks และรูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องmap japan

Why Japan's Geography Sucks
Why Japan's Geography Sucks

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map japan – การค้นหาที่เกี่ยวข้อง.

#Japan39s #Geography #Sucks.

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Why Japan's Geography Sucks

map japan.

เราหวังว่า ข้อมูล ในหัวข้อ map japan นี้จะ นำความรู้ มาสู่คุณ ขอแสดงความนับถือ.

20 thoughts on “Why Japan's Geography Sucks | map japan | อัพเดทข้อมูลการเดินทางใหม่วันนี้”

  1. When Japan invade other country back in ww2, they used women from other countries for their sexual desire. Murder innocent citizens and use them as test subject, search up "Unit 731" and there is a movie "Black Sun 731" its a depiction of the war atrocities committed by the Japanese at Unit 731 (WARNING : It is so graphical, watch it at your own risk)

  2. Why not just blow up some or all mountains and volcanoes to build more cities, highways, speed trains, etc. I’m sure Japan’s mountains and volcanoes are not beneficial to them in anyway.

  3. Seeing all the struggles they face from nature and still manage to be an economic and cultural power is amazing.
    Here in the Middle East we have everything we could ask for from nature whether it is oil or agricultural sunny space or stable land. yet we are doomed by wars and starvation.
    I think a nation's wealth comes from its people. not its geography.

  4. So the Kanto plain is the largest plain in Japan, where there can be good agriculture. But using it to grow food? Nah, let‘s just build a city with 40mil people on it.

  5. The Soviet Union, now Russia and Japan never made peace because of Kuril Islands, according to you. However, it's also said that the treaty was rushed by the Soviets and it wasn't clear who got what and how much they got. Japan refused to sign the treaty, but before they continued fighting, the Soviets fell. I argue it's Russia who claims the Kuril Islands, because if they never got peace, nobody should have gotten anything and Japan should have kept them.

  6. Being dependant on other countries for resources or not having a strategic location to survive and exist today? I'd take the island. You can't problem solve resource related issues without land on which to exist.


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